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5 mile Lowcountry Splash open water swim
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Date: Saturday: May 26
Time: 6:30 am (sunny morning it'll be)

Time again for the Lowcountry Splash open water swim support. The purpose of the this event is to paddle beside the 200+ swimmers as they swim from the Daniel Island Pier down to Patriots Point Marina. We'll be there to guide, assist and be a safety net for the swimmers in the open waters of the Wando R and Charleston Harbor. For this paddle we'll start down the right shore of the Wando, then cross straight over to the Wando Terminal on the left side. We'll follow the shore down to the finish at the marina. We welcome kayaks, both sit-inside and sit-on top, paddleboards too.

The race starts at 7:50 am and will run in heats of about a 50 swimmers each and you'll be splitting up with a few paddlers following each group. After the last of the swimmers cross the finish we'll then continue down along the shore and up Shem Creek, past Reds Icehouse to the Coastal Expeditions dock. We'll pull the kayaks and load them onto a trailer for a shuttle ride back up the DI. The event will be following the outgoing tide so this may be your fastest paddle yet.

Here is a quote to from the instructions given to the swimmers. "If you are approached by a kayaker blowing a whistle, stop swimming and give them your attention. You may be in danger or off course. They will direct you accordingly." You can tap them on the head or shoulders too. You will be one part of a flotilla of support out on the water. Local marine rescue, fire, police and volunteers will also be out on their power boats and jet ski's. This is truly an amazing event to witness and be part of.

There is a party for the swimmers at "The Grove section of Patriots Point. which is located past the bathrooms across the parking lot to a grassy area. We suggest you bring your own chairs for sitting. Music will be provided by a DJ and free beer for those of age." You, the paddlers are invited to join them.

Go and have fun while you support other water loving folks in the lowcountry.

I will meet with anyone who has questions on what swim support entails. Either on the water or over a beer. I will also be leading the 5 mile version of this event. Contact me at 843-2913141 Dan Hoke
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